Sunday, March 22, 2015

A New Apple TV & Roku 4 -- UPDATED


I don't think the first mass-market PicoP-enabled device is going to be an Apple TV. I don't like spiking on rumors - especially unfounded ones. What you are reading here is my own due-diligence that remains open for others to read. (When I started this it was literally a place for me to contain my research so I wouldn't lose it. I was quite surprised that it gained a following.) 

Whatever investment decisions you make, you do on your own. And I do not think that AppleTV is going to be the first mass-market PicoP device.

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There is suddenly a LOT of reporting on a potential new Apple TV device coming to the market this summer. As a MicroVision investor this can't be ignored. Even if we're dubious that we'll be included, it is a possibility, however remote.

There is a particular reason to keep this on watch... at some point, someone will make a portable "DVR / TV-tuner / portable media / PicoP" device. I say this only because it's so logical that someone has to do it. Description HERE

( You can get a 1 terrabyte flash drive that's slightly larger than a cell-phone. Double it, and you could put a PicoP enabled projector, tv tuner and web cast device inside as well. -- then your whole season of Breaking Bad fits in your pocket, purse or overnight bag. )

Roku4 & Apple TV

Apple / Sony Timeline -- Apple and SONY do already work together (background)


"Sources are saying that Apple is reading a new Apple TV for launch. It won't just be a video-streaming box like the current Apple TV, but will function as an entertainment centerpiece.

Hardware-wise, the new Apple TV is expected to have similar specs to the current iPad. So it's no surprise that it's also expected to run iOS apps (similar to the way Google's gadgets can run Android apps) and included Siri voice control. It might even include Apple's HomeKit framework for controlling your smart appliances.

There's no word on pricing, but I wouldn't be surprised if Apple put it back at the $100 price point with the old Apple TV serving as the "budget" option. Most likely Apple will make an official announcement in June at its World Wide Developer Conference. When it does, I'll let you know.

Apple plans to announce its next-generation Apple TV set-top box at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, according to BuzzFeed News. The report, citing sources familiar with the plans, claims that the new Apple TV will be a "significant overhaul" of the streaming TV box...

In June, the Apple TV set-top box will reportedly get a substantial refresh, according to BuzzFeed. The updated device, which will be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, is expected to sport the usual boost in specs: a faster chip, more storage, and presumably a different external design.


The technology company will be debuting its new release, with its sleeker design, brand new operating system, and added features in San Francisco, at the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference this June. Included in its update is Siri voice support, increased storage in addition to the 8GB currently on its systems, and an A8 processor to match its popular sister product, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


According to , who has been deadly accurate with Apple product reveals in the past, Apple is going to unveil the next-generation Apple TV set-top box at WWDC this June, where it will also show off some brand-new features that we’ve never seen on an Apple TV box before.

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