Monday, March 2, 2015

MWC Day 1

Not the day we wanted to have, but actually interesting anyway.

Two things that improve the ecosystem for PicoP are the most interesting things. 

And some competition that Celluon with PicoP has already outclassed.


5G at CNet

Reasons to be eager for 5G

Expect plenty of benefits from the next-gen network.
  • New realities: 5G will push augmented reality and virtual reality into the mainstream. Augmented reality overlays information like walking directions, product prices or acquaintances' names over our view of the real world by, for example, projecting data onto a car windshield. Virtual reality creates an entirely artificial view. Both need to pull in new data almost instantly.

  • Instant gratification: Download speeds should increase from today's 4G peak of 150 megabits per second to at least 10 gigabits per second. That's fast enough to download "Guardians of the Galaxy" in 4 seconds instead of 6 minutes.

  • Lightning-fast response: In addition to cramming more bits into every second, 5G will shorten the lag time before the first bits show up. Waiting a few seconds for a streaming video to start over 4G is no big deal, but that's unacceptably slow for things like self-driving cars, where every millisecond counts. 4G ideally needs 15 to 25 milliseconds for one car to tell another behind it that it's begun emergency braking. That delay will drop to 1 millisecond with 5G."

5G wireless protocol is FAST. So fast you probably won't care about speed again for a long, long time. Download a Blue-ray Quality disk in 10 seconds fast. Download a 4K movie in 40 seconds fast. That's fast. Getting video to your mobile device that has PicoP will NOT be a problem when this rolls around.

5G Article at Fierce Wireless

SANDISK 200GB MicroSD Card

From theVerge

More memory than most Laptops. Will be able to hold four or more HD movies on a portable device.

Lenovo Pocket Projector

From Android Authority

Already obsolete next to the Celluon PicoAir & PicoP.

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