Saturday, May 13, 2017

Amazon to build software for AR

It's interesting that Amazon is putting its toe in the water about Augmented Reality.

It's more interesting to me at this point that this very mainstream publication has noticed it.

So far those of us paying attention to the space are seeing a lot about AR -- but we're reading off the beaten path techie stuff. If you ask an average random person if they know about pico projection or Augmented Reality, or Hololens, you will get a lot more strange looks than recognition. 

The Kardashian fans probably read variety. This is a new audience.


Amazon Studios has plans to build apps for augmented and mixed reality headsets, if a recent job offer is any indication. The unit’s still-unannounced plans to produce and distribute immersive content for headsets increasingly seems to focus on augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality.
Amazon Studios recently began to advertise a job offering for a “Mixed Reality Producer” who will be tasked with building “customer facing VR and AR applications across multiple platforms.” Mixed reality is being used as a catch-all name for technologies that offer immersion similar to a virtual reality headset as well as the ability to integrate real-world imagery.

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