Sunday, May 14, 2017

LG Projector Review

Makes me think that LG and Celluon may have a more significant relationship - but I don't know.

Thanks Fuzzie


LG Uplus has been bringing in the domestic Korean venture company's beam project overseas. It is an evaluation that it has begun to expand the market of ultra-small beam project with the advantage of lowering the price compared to specifications by collaboration.
LG Uplus announced on November 11 that it will launch portable mini projector 'U + pocket beam'. Pocket Beam was launched by Celluon, a venture company. It was sold overseas several months ago and it supports HD (1920X720, external output) resolution with Sony's optical engine.
The eye-catching point is that domestic sales prices are more than 100,000 won cheaper than overseas. The same product was sold for $ 429 (480,000 won) on the Celluon official homepage or in the US Amazon.
LG U + has been able to lower prices by taking charge of UI development and marketing of domestic products.

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