Thursday, May 18, 2017

News 163

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News 163

(Original title: laser projection phone will have "Jinan made")

  "Most of China's mobile phone production, research and development institutions in the South, and now this pattern is changing." March 4, high-tech zone management committee director Xu Qun in Raja car Shandong Intelligent Industrial Park settled in Jinan High-tech Zone signing ceremony Say.
 The signing, marking a number of its own brand of mobile phone Rui Jiake Group will innovate Valley base to build its northern headquarters, is mainly responsible for laser projection mobile phones and mobile intelligent terminal research and development, production and sales operations. "This is the first admission of the professional park", high-tech zone Innovation Valley Development Center Deputy Director Ma Hongjun told reporters that the current innovation Valley about 300 registered enterprises, most enterprises engaged in mobile Internet development, application work. "Innovation Valley is now talking about a mobile Internet company, successfully signed this year." Was positioned as "China Silicon Valley" innovation Valley, there is no traditional plant, but to high-tech products, production, research and development, sales-oriented The Rui Jiake Group in this area of ​​203 acres of mobile intelligent industrial park construction, will drive more than 100 upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, in the formation of mobile terminal industry chain. Rui Jiake Group Chairman Wang said that innovation is the gathering place of colleges and universities, where the industrial base and talent advantages are conducive to the industrial park hatch out of mobile intelligent high-end products.
  It is understood that Rui Jiake will invest in the industrial park to build 50,000 square meters of intelligent manufacturing base, the construction of smart phones and related intelligent products production line, as the Northern District production center and research and development centers, responsible for the Group's existing ODM products and The brand "green orange" and "VOGA" products to expand production capacity, responsible for the newly developed laser projection phone, intelligent wear and other intelligent hardware production, the annual production capacity of up to 600 million units.
  "Smooth, Rui Jiake annual sales revenue can reach 100 billion, the local economy to pay more than 2 billion tax, attracting 12,000 jobs." Ma Hongjun said the project is taking the procedure, is expected to start in June, two years later All built. (Reporter Wang Jing) ● Related Links What is a laser projection phone?
  Simply put, the laser projection phone is a handheld home theater. It can be projected to the wall of the phone screen, the ceiling, you can connect with the Bluetooth, speakers, anytime, anywhere to open up their own private cinema. Can also be used instead of PPT.
      In the mobile phone market, laser projection phone can be described as high and low.Although the market has long been a projection phone, due to the high demand for optoelectronic technology, currently only foreign Samsung, the domestic general and several other enterprises R & D, production of such products. At present, the laser projection technology in the mobile phone application bottleneck is mainly reflected in the poor experience of life and the projection resolution is too low. After all, increase the projection function not only to the thickness of the phone, the appearance of compromise, but also in the projection of the brightness and effect greatly reduced. Therefore, although the laser projection mobile phone market demand, but limited to technology, has not yet fully popularized.

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