Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chinese Chemical company pays 1 Billion for a talking cat

Head scratcher, but there's a LOT of money floating around out there.

Ask yourself this... what's worth more? the Talking Cat, or the technology that can take the talking cat --- and ALL OTHER media, make it much bigger, portable and touch-interactive.

Throw in some LiDAR, and some near eye displays -- and some kind of new welding technology, and what's it worth then?

I don't want Microvision to be bought out, because any price that has so far been floating around is far below the ultimate value of this technology.


Talking Tom is not alone. There’s been a recent flurry of oddball pairings between Chinese industrial interests and Western entertainment companies. A real estate magnate in Beijing bought Legendary Entertainment, the movie studio that made the Dark Knight trilogy, for $3.5 billion. A maker of construction materials bought Framestore, the company behind the special effects in the Harry Potter films. Zhejiang Dragon Pipe Manufacturing Co. acquired app developer Entertainment Game Labs. And perhaps strangest of all, Digital Extremes Ltd., which created an alien battle game, and the studio Splash Damage Ltd., which made an offshoot of the Xbox hit Gears of War, were bought by an enormous Chinese poultry processor.

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