Friday, May 12, 2017

Given Yesterday's Projector News,

Very interesting, but certainly not definitive... very interesting given yesterday's projector news from LG.

There's quite a bit of web weaving going on, and it takes a long time -- but now that mass production is happening, things are going to move along quickly I think.

Notice that they're have "plans to build" the facility for the camera modules... it may not yet be a done deal, but it's not actively producing anything yet either.

Check here for a connection from some time ago: LG / Microvision 2014 

Hardware Zone

While Samsung is reportedly the main supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone 8, LG Innotek is said to be the sole supplier of the facial recognition camera modules for the iPhone 8.
According to the Korea Economic Daily, LG Innotek plans to build a new facility worth US$238.5 million to fulfill Apple's orders of the camera modules. The facial recognition camera module will be front-facing and is rumored to be more advanced than Samsung's 2D camera on the Galaxy S8.

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