Wednesday, May 17, 2017

...the key component of the next big things...

During World War Two, Allied bombing missions were conducted -deep into German territory, to destroy factories in Schweinfurt. They were costly missions - but the were conducted for a very good reason.

"Low-friction ball and roller bearings were used in all parts of military and commercial machinery, and research indicated that roughly half of the German bearing industry was located in Schweinfurt, concentrated at four or five factory sites on the western side of town. The 8th Air Force planners felt that if they could strike hard enough at Schweinfurt, the results might cripple the German war industry."
Third Reich Ruins

Striking at something that was a key component of everything they were fighting against made a lot of sense.

How does this translate to investing in modern technology?

If you can find something that would be a key component in a number of areas, that is where you'd want to be. 

Microvision will be providing key components for the next big things. The ball bearings of impending tech trends:

Mobile computing: The smaller the device the better. The larger the display the better. 

The internet of things is real, getting bigger and it's going to be gigantic. What is the easiest way to put an interactive display on something?

Augmented reality -- needs both near eye displays, and 3D scanning.

Autonomous vehicles - need displays and the means of detecting nearby objects and knowing what they are. 

A lot of technologies need to work together to make this happen. (And a lot of cooperation) 

Having the right partners... that's important too.
STM, Sony, Sharp/Foxconn and Intel

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