Sunday, May 7, 2017

iPhone 8 to be previewed in June?

So, I'm not big on fruit company rumors. I don't like the hype. This is the kind of news that can't be ignored however. It's news, it's in the space and it's possible that Microvision is involved.

There is an absolute blizzard of rumors about the iPhone 8, most of what we have heard is probably false, but the truth is probably out there somewhere. This stands a decent chance of being false as well.

The possibility that this particular rumor could be true, poses a nightmare scenario for those betting against Microvision -- and I'm okay with that.

9 to 5 Mac

JPMorgan analyst makes outlandish claim that Apple will preview iPhone 8 at WWDC in June

JPMorgan has distributed its latest analyst report on the company’s outlook. Amidst the financial predictions, JPMorgan says that there is a ‘high likelihood’ that Apple will announce the iPhone 8 at WWDC in June.


Just to be clear -- no one outside of probably a few people at Apple have any idea what is going to happen with this phone release. I sift through a bunch of this stuff daily, and the rumors are all over the place. I would have ignored the above rumor excepting its source -- And there is also a problem they have... if they have something really new -- in order to have something to do with it, they have to alert their developers.

Below is today's iPhone8 update -- and as you can see, there is a rumor from every direction.

iphone 8
Daily update  May 5, 2017
What to expect with the iPhone 8
Apple could jump ahead to iPhone 8, or pick a new name entirely like iPhone Pro or iPhone X. Adding a higher-end iPhone to the line up would mean ...
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Apple iPhone 8 - Latest leak might be the biggest reason yet NOT to buy the Galaxy S8
APPLE'S iPhone 8 looks set to be unveiled in September and a new leaked image could show why this phone may have the upper hand over its ...
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iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S: What Will Apple Launch This Fall?
A recent slowdown in iPhone 7 sales has been firmly blamed on rumors of an iPhone 8, or iPhone 7s according to Apple, CEO, Tim Cook.
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Apple Stock Stalls As Talk Reverts To iPhone 8: Will It Be Delayed?
The company's March quarter results weren't the home investors have come to expect, but analysts are still trying to convince them that the iPhone 8 ...
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Tim Cook blames iPhone 8 rumors for iPhone sales slowdown. Duh! video - CNET
Your video, "Tim Cook blames iPhone 8 rumors for iPhone sales slowdown. Duh!" will start after this message from our sponsors. Loading video.
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Qorvo Rebounds: Waiting for 'iPhone 8' Is Getting to Be a Drag, Says Morgan Stanley
Qorvo shares quickly rebounded from an 8% sell-off last night, as the focus of investors moved past a host of issues -- share loss in Samsung's latest ...
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iPhone 8 concept roundup: Part I
While hardly indicative of the actual iPhone 8 design, these concepts and renderings are fun to explore as we imagine what we might see from Apple ...
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Another claimed iPhone 8 drawing shows vertically stacked cameras and nearly full-screen face
If this technical drawing is the real deal, iPhone 8 will feature vertically stacked rear cameras and a nearly full-screen face with a tiny earpiece slit at ...
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Here's What The iPhone 8 Might Look Like According To Leaks
From all the leaks, this is what the iPhone 8 might look like later this year. HOPE SO, looks pretty bad ass. Then again, you Samsung owners are ...
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Bad News If You Were Keen To Get An iPhone 8 Later This Year
iPhone users had expected the brand new iPhone 8 to be released later this year, but it seems there could be a delay.
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Tim Cook blames iPhone 8 rumors for iPhone sales slowdown. Duh!
Are you one of the sheeple? Apple's Siri Smart Speaker could debut at WWDC17, Apple sold fewer iPhones this quarter but made a whole lot more ...
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