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More Reviews (Updated 1/30/2015 @ 13:26 PST)

I'm expecting a relative flood of reviews, so for a while they'll just be collected here.

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This is an exercise in seeing the kind of reception and the reach.

MacLife Germany

In Russian "Mac Digger"


South Africa
From AppleZA


Czech Republic

From RedmondPie

"The PicoPro Laser Projector For iPhone And iPad Truly Puts The Cinema In Your Pocket"

From 9to5mac

"The core of PicoPro is a MicroVision three-laser video engine with separate red, green, and blue light sources, projected together through a small box-shaped opening on the unit’s “front” edge."

I find it interesting that they're using a picture projected from a Wii game. PicoP is going to be HUGE with gaming.

"PicoPro’s performance as a projector is seriously impressive given its size. Over the last five years, I’ve tested projectors that put out obviously blurrier, lower-contrast video despite requiring 10 times the physical space. PicoPro projects a true widescreen image with an actual detail level that’s several times greater than both smaller and larger but similarly-priced projectors I’ve used. Even high-definition iTunes-protected videos played through connected iPads and iPhones without complaint."

"...this unit’s laser-based lights do look brighter and more vivid where they exist, but blacker where there isn’t illumination. Celluon’s claimed 80,000:1 contrast ratio (versus 2,000:1 in LED models) doesn’t seem hard to believe."

An even more intriguing component of PicoPro’s performance is its utter lack of configuration. There is no focus dial nor the need for a focus dial: the laser-projected image starts and remains impressively sharp, unlike typical projectors.

Given the small footprint, it’s going to be at least a minor hit when it becomes widely available in the United States; until then, larger, lower-resolution projectors such as the Aaxa P4 will continue to be your best available options.

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