Monday, January 26, 2015

Sony Xperia Rumors are Ramping up -- Updated [1-30@9:45 PST]

Of course, we have NO IDEA what will happen with the SONY Xperia until SONY releases something. Some of the language in a couple of articles is getting interesting:

I have been of a mind that PicoP will NOT be in SONY phones (yet), but I could be as wrong this time as I have been in the past.

There have also been rumors both that Sony will end the Xperia line, and one now (more believable) that the Z4 is certified already. (which would interpret to mean the design process is complete.)

Xperia Z4 certified in Indonesia?
Sony vs Samsung vs HTC at MWC

ReleaseWire -- I'm aware this release is from a different company, I'm not sure what their strategy is -- two strong possibilities - they are trying to use Sony to gain attention for themselves, or perhaps they make components for SONY.

"With fewer devices, slower releases and new design", this is what consumers is yet to anticipate from Sony to shake things up for this year's latest gadget offering. Though the company firmly seals their lips about the upcoming Xperia Z4 and how it would set to dominate the world at the 2nd to 5th of March despite the issues of hack scandal, consumers have something to look forward to other than Sony as major mobile companies that produces android tablet is also set to undergo a lot of significant changes this year.

"The device is expected to come in the first quarter of 2015, and it’s going to be a considerable step forward for the line."

"In the end, it’s also possible that the phone will have different specifications, as other rumors are pointing at another type of screen – 5.2 and 5.4 inches are getting mentioned quite often – as well as a different camera, although the Snapdragon 810 seems to be quite solid as far as rumors go. RAM size tends to vary from one rumor to another as well, although it’s probably safe to expect at least 2 GB from a device that’s more powerful than the average Android smartphone on the market in 2015, especially one in the Xperia line."

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