Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Things We Haven't Though of Yet.

I have said often -- people will come up with ways to use PicoP that haven't even occurred to us. Always in focus projected images will have many uses. There are a lot of very creative people in the world who will be able to think up new ways to use the tool in ways we haven't thought of yet.

This is one of those ways:

Design firm Teague conceptualised an enticing solution: a doctor in a box. You would buy this affordable kit at CVS or Walgreens, then take it home to experience a professional doctor visit teleconferenced into the privacy of your own bathroom.
The kit would contain two pieces: One piece is like a smart stethoscope, capable of hearing your heart or lungs, but also peeking into your ear with a fibre optic light and taking high-definition images on the surface of your skin. The second piece is a teleconferencing camera that sticks to your mirror. It can beam video of you to your doctor, but it can also track your body’s movement, heart rate, and temperature. Plus, it project images onto you or your mirror, thanks to an integrated pico projector.....
teague wearable healthcare concept
“Rather than the doctor saying, ‘left a bit, up a bit,’ it puts a circle on the chest and turns green when you get it to the right spot,” explains Roger Jackson, creative director at Teague. Other functions on the probe, like the otoscope (you know, that thing the doctor sticks in your ear to check if you have an ear infection), have been designed to be bulky and soft to make sure that even children could use it without hurting themselves.
As for its feasibility, that is maybe the most intriguing part of Teague’s concept: The designers think that they could actually create it, not in five or 10 years, but in the immediate future.

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