Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Report from CES

Craziness.  CES is gigantic. To look at everything would take months. It covers all kinds of electric gadgetry, from toothbrushes, toy airplanes, robots, wearable stuff etc. Very impressive.

Once I found the building it took me two hours to find the Celluon booth.  I had the booth number, but the numbering arrangement for booths at CES is almost random.

Representatives there were showing the projector to enthusiastic viewers. The picture is fantastic, and in a room, the speakers are good. (not booming sound, but you could watch TV or football with it easily.) 

I witnessed a buyer getting a taste of it.... it's going to rock folks, and this is just the beginning.

 I was talking a bit to the apparent rookie of that crew, and it was clearly a new device to him. The more experienced members of the crew were busy with people who and badges that said "buyer" so I left them alone.

I will visit Celluon again tomorrow.

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