Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Windows 10 event --- HoloLens -- UPDATING....

There is no certainty that we're in here, but it looks very promising. In any case the inventor is well familiar with PicoP. I'm still working to figure this out.

Patents listed below merely seem to be related, and possibly are we don't KNOW anything yet.

WIBU -- Hands on with Hololens

Interview with Inventor --- Kipman... this is good

Kipman Inventions with PicoP  <--- all mention Microvision's PicoP display. Before you get TOO excited, they also mention other display systems -- as shown just below.

From a patent. I've seen this particular paragraph in several similar patents:

"Microdisplay 120 projects an image through lens 122. There are different image generation technologies that can be used to implement microdisplay 120. For example, microdisplay 120 can be implemented in using a transmissive projection technology where the light source is modulated by optically active material, backlit with white light. These technologies are usually implemented using LCD type displays with powerful backlights and high optical energy densities. Microdisplay 120can also be implemented using a reflective technology for which external light is reflected and modulated by an optically active material. The illumination is forward lit by either a white source or RGB source, depending on the technology. Digital light processing (DLP), liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) and MIRASOL® (a display technology from QUALCOMM, INC.) are all examples of reflective technologies which are efficient as most energy is reflected away from the modulated structure. Additionally, microdisplay 120 can be implemented using an emissive technology where light is generated by the display. For example, a PicoP™-display engine (available from MICROVISION, INC.) emits a laser signal with a micro mirror steering either onto a tiny screen that acts as a transmissive element or beamed directly into the eye (e.g., laser)."

What I would call a strong connection between Microvision and Hololens coming from a LinkedIn Profile: I won't post the person's name, or any more detail than this, but this was from a single profile, and copied consecutive lines...


Senior Hardware Engineer - HoloLens

 – Present (7 months)Redmond, WA

Senior HW Program Manager - HoloLens

 –  (1 year 2 months)Redmond, WA

Senior Staff Engineer, Systems

 –  (1 year 10 months)Redmond, WA
• Currently leading a cross-functional team in the design and development of the 3rd generation PicoP® system, including system requirements, product definition and program schedule.
• Forming relationships with new suppliers and customers through technical engagement around next generation products.
Microsoft Hololense Site & video

Related article on Business Insider

In Time Magazine

Related article from Forbes

"Interesting gaming image that show a potential "expanded living room."

Well, followers of Microvision know how this can happen.

Our Second totally new product... bringing the experience into the room. Place your digital content into your world. We're not talking Virtual reality. we're talking beyond digital borders.. beyond screens Windows holographic.

Beyond the screen ... windows holographic... more immersive ways to play...

"from the little screens to the big screens... to no screens at all."

Hololense  available in the windows 10 timeframe ..... 

Near Eye displays summary

Microsoft Head mounted display patent that mentions MVIS

A patent from 2012...

"....That said, we're unreasonably excited that a new Microsoft patent for a "laser-scanning virtual image display" could actually point to plans for the company to jump into the world of virtual reality gaming..."

Another Patent ...... 

Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US7053519 *Mar 29, 2002May 30, 2006Microsoft CorporationElectrostatic bimorph actuator
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