Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Celluon & Microvison

Brochure from Celluon Website

press release


[CES 2015] Celluon has just announced their PicoPro and ProAir projectors, where these happen to be the only high definition, focus-free smartphone-sized laser pico projectors that are in the market to deliver an immersive viewing experience at any one time – regardless of the place. Both of them intend to offer superior image quality alongside screen size without losing focus. Being small enough to fit into most pockets, these are also capable to be used for an extended period of time of up to 3.5 hours at best, which is enough to let you watch a full length feature movie.
picoairMaking use of MicroVision’s patented PicoP display technology, it will rely on red, blue, and green laser light sources. Celluon’s PicoPro and PicoAir will then produce a perpetually clear, focused HD image complete with a broad color gamut that remains unmatched – or so Celluon claims.

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