Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ATT Delivers TV on its network


From Engadget

"During the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship, AT&T showed off a working demo of a new version of its Long-Term Evolution network: LTE Broadcast. With this, the wireless carrier is hoping to alleviate the congestion problems consumers face when they are in highly crowded places -- such as professional sports stadiums. AT&T's been working on LTE Broadcast for years, but until now has shared few details about it. In 2013, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said that the company was "all about architecting networks to deliver video," pointing out that the technology would be "mature in scale within the three-year time horizon." We're not quite there yet, but what I saw on Monday leaves me hopeful for the future of smooth, buffer-free television over LTE........."

..."AT&T partnered with Ericsson, ESPN, MobiTV, Samsung and Qualcomm during the College Football Playoff demo of LTE Broadcast. The streaming app, created by MobiTV, was running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which the carrier built specifically for this purpose. Qualcomm supplied the chip inside the handset; Ericsson brought the infrastructure; and, finally, ESPN provided the content. On that note, it's worth mentioning that LTE Broadcast isn't compatible with any device currently out on the market, and AT&T says it doesn't know what the plans for OEMS are."

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