Monday, February 13, 2017

Apple Sell Side - Possible Acquisitions

There are a lot of moving parts in the economy. Something very large just changed, and that is the repatriation of cash to the US from overseas is going to get much easier.

That will make it easier for Apple to bring $250 Billion dollars back home and start throwing it around. Or returning it to shareholders.

Not necessarily directly relevant to Microvision, but definitely relevant to the ecosystem Microvision is a part of.


This past Friday, not one but two sellside firms talked about the possibility of Apple making an acquisition of Tesla, Netflix and even Disney.

One firm based their analysis on a survey that showed that 22% of respondents would like Apple to develop a car over the next five years and thus the Tesla acquisition. Following that 22%, the second highest response was for Apple to develop a streaming service ala Netflix.

The analyst concluded that he does not definitively think that Apple will make a big splash with an acquisition of Netflix, Disney or Tesla but once the repatriation of cash from overseas is made less onerous by President Trump's administration, Apple will bring that cash back and increase the size of their share buybacks was his most likely scenario.

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