Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ming-Chi Kuo, and an interesting relationship and number

The Sony PicoP engine resolution is 720 * 1920 = 1,382,400. 

1.4MP if you do any rounding.

It's interesting -- although I'm still very dubious about it being what they claim it is.

Sensors used in the new camera will be able to perform depth of field calculations using a dedicated Infrared transmitter and receiver. According to Mr. Ming, the camera will be produced by Sony with Foxconn's Sharp supplying the infrared receivers. IR signals are sent out from the phone, and then are bounced off objects and are detected using the 1.4MP IR receiver. The report adds that Apple will add 3D sensing rear-facing cameras in 2018 models and beyond. This would allow Apple to get rid of the large dual-camera system found on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. With Apple well ahead of Android in 3D camera algorithms, according to the KGI analyst, the new technology could be unique to the iPhone for some time.

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