Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kopin, MicroVision and Vuzx

Comparing these two Vuzix suppliers... 

So, Kopin's chip on the top, MicroVision's entire display engine below. Both featuring $0.25 US. 

So, from Today's Report (The Street/Morgan Stanley)

"DLP generally has the disadvantage of bigger form factor vs. LCoS, yet our read from Vuzix’s press release suggests that this has been overcome. In addition, MicroVision, the solutions provider for laser MEMS micro display technology, became one of Vuzix's key suppliers starting from 2015."

Below is a picture of Kopin's LCOS chip....(the equivalent of the 1mm mems in the MVIS engine) and another picture of Microvision's entire projector engine. (And in some applications it's my understanding that the EPM can be moved or handled with software of the computing platform.) **

Kopin has just issued a press release that states their intention to enter the OLED microdisplay market, offering panels that will serve augmented and virtual reality applications. At CES 2017, they will announce more detail on the first panel and demonstrate it in novel optical solutions as well. I will get a sneak peak at these devices before CES, but you will have to wait until January 2017 before I can say more.
Now, Kopin has added OLED to it repertoire of microdisplay technologies. According to Fan, “Kopin is pioneering a new business model for OLED fabrication which we think is the future for expanding availability of OLED microdisplay devices.”
After two years of development, Kopin is now ready to start showing their new OLED-on-Silicon microdisplays. Such a device consists of two key elements: the silicon backplane that contains circuitry to drive the OLED pixels, and the OLED emissive frontplane layer. What is unique about Kopin’s business model is that both of these operations are outsourced to dedicated foundries. All of the design expertise resides within Kopin, but all of the capital investments and infrastructure are external, with manufacturing expertise on both sides. It is the first fully fabless OLED microdisplay business model.
The PSE-0403-101/2 display engine is an all-in-one unit combining an integrated photonics module (IPM) containing MEMS and lasers and an electronics platform module (EPM) containing MicroVision’s proprietary ASICS and system control software. Some customers prefer a flexible solution of the IPM and standalone MicroVision ASICS that they can combine with the electronics of the device into which the engine is embedded. The form factor of the IPM, which measures only 4.66 cubic centimeters, is a critical attribute for OEMS considering incorporating pico projectors inside their consumer products. We plan to be ready for mass production in early Q2 2017.   MICROVISION DISPLAYGROUND

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