Monday, February 13, 2017

Magic Leap Picture

This picture.....

1) they have a heat problem
2) they have a size problem
3) Microsoft is WAY ahead of them 
4) we still don't know what they're using for a display.

Still interesting... looks like we'll get more from them soon.


Business Insider

This early prototype was described to Business Insider as "PEQ0" and "the real wearable." PEQ is a term that Magic Leap uses to describe its current prototype. The photo is what the device looked like as of early January, and the source said there have been improvements to the prototype since then.
The board will see a carefully planned demo of the "PEQ" by CEO Rony Abovitz next week, using equipment that looks more finished, with belt packs instead of a backpack, the person said.

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