Friday, May 1, 2015

"everyone who saw it in use immediately wanted one" - Review

One more way to expand your horizons- getting beyond the tiny screen on your phone. The Celluon PicoAir is a pico-projector that is designed specifically for use with Android devices, and their Miracast wireless protocol. Thanks to their laser engine, it offers HD 1920x720p resolution (with even more pixels than standard 720p) and an impressive 80,000:1 contrast ratio and laser brightness. Whether you’re camping and want to view some daily photos or videos in your camper or tent, or want a 100-inch screen to show your friends the latest music video or project, there’s no denying that a pico-projector can be pretty handy.
The company brags about their infinite focus, which means that you don’t need to fiddle with knobs, and we did notice that images were surprisingly sharp even up close. That’s a nice boost from other picos that we’ve seen. There aren’t any settings for you to play with though, keystone adjustments or otherwise. As with most small projectors, battery life isn’t amazing, but is enough to get you through most feature films (perhaps not the Avengers movies though, expect a bit over two hours). The PicoAir weighs in at only eight ounces, little enough that you’ll barely notice it even if you’re hiking, plus it was made to have fairly similar dimensions as most smartphones. There are built-in speakers so you can enjoy a theater in your pocket, and thankfully, there is no whirring fan to distract you. It won’t get too loud though- it might not even overpower your phone, and was quieter than our test tablets.
"Lasers continue to surprise and astound, and rarely with as much force as with the Celluon PicoAir. If this is the future, count us excited- "

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