Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lenovo Projector Phone

No matter what this will be good for MicroVision and its shareholders. 

If this gets people excited about small projectors, they'll start digging and discover that MicroVision has the BEST small projector technology. They'll learn that with SONY we're ready to take the market by storm. (maybe they'll discover our huge lead in Augmented Reality patents too.)

I do not know if this is MicroVision. The video of the unit in action seems to indicate that it is laser scanning, which points our way.

Also, Lenovo was recently owned by IBM, to which MicroVision has a direct connection through board member Jeanette Horan.

Lenovo may also have a connect to MicroVision through their purchase of Motorola Mobile. The two companies have had an extended relationship.

It seems apparent that this is a "concept" device, and not something that will be released to the public soon.

An excellent explanatory post from InvestorVillage with some explanations:  InvestorVillage Post

Whether or not this is MicroVision inside, (I suspect strongly that it is) What is shown below IS possible with MicroVision technology NOW, and we should see products released to the public soon.

We need to give this person some musical talent.... but the application is cool

CNBC Takeaway


If you look at the projection on the piano it does look like a laser-scanning type display scan lines.

This actually gives me more confidence that this could be PicoP. The Scan lines match PicoP scan lines in frequency and shape.

MVIS line scan

More pictures

This is also showing similar dimensions and shape of what SONY described for the P2

MVIS Prototype from a couple of years ago (from MicroVision tracker)

From Frandroid

"Little information on embedded hardware, it is currently a concept, not a final product.Lenovo has already experienced this kind of integration in a tablet Yoga, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro ."

A comparison. Shared by a Yahoo message board user. I've copied it because often such pictures disappear from the source, and I'm not sure the user wanted a link to it. Ultimately, this looks different from the PicoP we know well, but has many similarities. There are details to figure out.

Someone on one of the boards mentioned some of the patents, owned by MicroVision that cover this particular build. I am not a patent expert.

The post @ InvestorVillage

Dichroic wedge stack light combining apparatus, system and method

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