Thursday, May 21, 2015

iPhone 7 with projector article

I'll begin by saying I always take reports like this with a HUGE grain of salt -- we know projectors in phones are coming, and we know PicoP will be part of that - when & how that comes to pass, we don't know.

IF this is true, it is possible that Apple has their own projector in the works. 

I'm quite sure that any mainstream news about little projectors embedded in devices will be good for MicroVision.

@ The Global News


According to the rumors, iPhone 7 is expected to have an in-built projector. This is not going to be the only phone to flaunt this feature as Samsung Galaxy Beam has a built-in projector that enables larger viewing experience via phone. But as we all know, Samsung follows in the footsteps on Apple and it has never been the other way around. May be, Apple would teach Samsung a lesson or two on how to incorporate a new technology! If this rumor comes true, most of users who work at corporate houses and use projectors for PowerPoint presentation would rush to buy it.

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