Friday, May 22, 2015

Digital TV channels for Smart Phones

A few months ago, I posted about the Sony TV Tuner. This article from a a Mumbai source, confirms a lot of things: It exists, and it's going forward, and it connects other dots. 

It confirms the idea of a "portable media device" not only being possible, but that it WILL happen, because this is it. 

(Users will be able to record live TV shows. If they can record it, a decent programmer can turn a phone into a DVR in about an hour.)

Portable Media Player (Thoughts on AppleTV)

Sony TV Tuner

Sony world's Smallest TV TUNER

From Mid-Day

Mumbaikars will soon be able to watch TV channels on their smart phones. According to our sources, Doordarshan has already begun the trial run of its Digital Video Broadcast — Terrestrial service and is likely to officially in Mumbai in the next few months.

DVB-T will allow Mumbaikars to watch TV channels on their mobile devices without connecting to Internet or cellular networks. 

While there’s still time for its official launch, vendors are already ready with two devices that allow mobile devices to receive TV signals. And those who are curious about the technology can get a first-hand experience of the same in a special demo session, to be held today evening at the Institution of Engineering, Mahalaxmi. 

Hemant Batra, country manager, Sony Electronics, informed us that the devices use a special digital TV tuner chip developed by Sony, and are available in two different models — a USB dongle variant (priced R2,999) that can be attached directly to smart devices that support USB OTG (on-the-go) devices; and a mini Wi-Fi router variant (R5,999) that can be installed in vehicles, homes as well as offices. 

The Wi-fi router, he adds, requires an external power source and antenna, and allows smart phones to watch TV without any wired attachments, similar to browsing the Web in a local Wi-Fi hub, but the connection is limited to just one device. 

Users will, however, are also required to install TV ON GO (for USB dongle) and Digi Darshan app (for the Wi-Fi variant) to be able to access the broadcast. These apps are already available for both Android and iOS devices from their respective official app stores. Users will also be able to record live TV shows on their smart devices. 

According to our sources, Sony is in talks with Indian smart phone makers to embed the chip directly on smartphones, and is likely to be available in the market by the end of 2015

Mumbaikars will be able to purchase the devices directly at the venue, the Institution of Engineers Auditorium between 3 pm-5 pm today. -

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