Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oneplus 2 = ?

This is pretty interesting. Oneplus One is a company that deserves to be watched closely.

It has hungry people in charge who are creating new things and reasonable prices, using interesting and efficient marketing strategies.

They will be making an announcement on June 1st. (According to THEM now, which is better than the rumor mill does) And they have some confidence they're going to shake things up a bit. To do something very new. Even if it's not some inclusion of PicoP technology, I hope it is really interesting. In the past few years some companies have cried wolf a lot about having something extraordinary and new -- lowering expectations everywhere.

There are two other reasons to watch this: Some reports surfaced of a phone with an additional item to be released that isn't the size of a smart phone. (Link from Android Headlines)

" However, new images which have appeared on Weibo in the last few hours are now starting to suggest that the company will also be releasing a new product at the same event. The images are not that revealing and do not provide any firm details on what to expect. That said, they do seem to show what appears to be the packaging for a product which is not currently available. While the immediate speculation will be for the OnePlus 2, the box looks far too thin to be the next OnePlus smartphone."

I also think that the "invite only" method of launching a product is interesting and would serve our interests well.

Ultimately though -- focus here only because we MIGHT pop up here. We'll see in a few days.

ONEPLUS website


From UberGizmo

You can more or less say that the OnePlus One has proven itself to be quite the smartphone with a relatively affordable price point. Well, nothing lasts forever, so it does make perfect sense for there to be a new and improved sequel, so to speak, for this particular handset. While it looks as though OnePlus is ready and waiting to roll out its latest smartphone officially, chances are that will happen this coming June 1st since the company has announced that they are set to deliver a change. And I would like to think that this “change” comes in the form of the OnePlus 2, based on a tweet.

After all, it has been said that a rumored OnePlus 2 has already been benchmarked, but until something official is revealed concerning the said handset that was benchmarked, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt. It looks like OnePlus continues to retain its faith that with the release of the OnePlus 2, they will be able to have a handset that will disrupt the industry, shaking the technological brand down to its roots.

Do bear in mind that should the OnePlus 2 be announced on June 1, the handset would still be far from ready for a launch, as chances are it would be sold only from July onward – and hopefully not through the company’s rather controversial invite system.

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