Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SONY Bullish

Key point from recent Conference call.... 

Alex Tokman - President and CEO

The only thing I can tell is, that they [SONY] are very bullish on this opportunity. Just look at the numbers, they invested in us, including purchase orders, $32 million, $33 million over the past three years. If somebody does this, and it’s a fraction of what they spend internally to support this proposition and get it to market, you would think that they are motivated to make it successful. And so we really-really like this relationship, and both sides are going to work as true partners, helping each other in difficult times, and we hope that Sony will become very successful from this proposition, and hopefully we will become successful, because they become successful.

If you look at Sony's recent financial quarterly results, they invest in the areas that focus on organic growth of Sony business unit, and that's one of the initiatives that they fund, while they divest from low-end cell phones, television sets, etcetera. So Sony as a corporation is actually investing into the areas where we are attached."

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