Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why MicroVision? Because THIS. -- UPDATED 5/25/2015

Everyone wants (and consumers DEMAND) bigger smartphone screens.

MicroVision's PicoP technology makes a HUGE screen (bigger than most people's television sets) fit in a pocket.

Like this: (through a Celluon PicoAir)

Down at the bottom of this picture, is my phone, showing the same content. (These are delicious Dungeness crab I caught for dinner last year.)

Wouldn't you rather share you pictures like this -- so the whole family can see them at once, instead of passing your phone around?

These are ONE picture. That is how big the projected image was, and the phone was sitting right there. It isn't tweaked or size adjusted in any way.

My phone is featured in the same place for each picture. It works for video too.

THIS is why soon EVERYONE will want this technology. 

Taking these pictures was pretty tricky. Due to the nature of a laser-scanning display, with a fast shutter speed, only part of the display will appear. That is one reason the phone screen is a little brighter than it should be in these photos.

I may try to do the same setup and find out what the speed of a single frame is, which would allow a more accurate light comparison. (this one isn't bad, but it's not perfect.)

UPDATE: 5/25/2015

For those of you who would like to see HOW these pictures were taken, see the image below.

* The room was dark -- certainly not totally dark, but the shades in the room are good. It was not too dark for us to see and do the things we needed to do.

* The white wall was a very white wall, and excellent for projected images.

* The camera was on a tripod, because of a slowish shutter speed. (As indicated above, a "snapshot" would end up showing only a band of the projected image.) The shutter was open probably about a quarter to a third of a second -- the target was as fast a shutter speed as possible without seeing a scan line (which you can't seen when you're looking at the projected image.)

* The projector was about four feet from the wall. (the picture of the setup -- including the phone against the wall, is below.)

Thanks T!!

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