Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fujitsu Laser Glasses

I must admit that I haven't found a direct connection between MicroVision and this Fujitsu project. However, retinal scan display, and "shooting lasers into the eye" displays are MicroVision's realm, so this is worth close attention.

At PC World


At ITProPortal
The basic idea of projecting imagery onto a retina via laser has been around for decades, but miniaturizing the optics to realize a wearable form factor had been difficult until recently. Fujitsu and partner companies were able to produce a small mirror to project light into the eye.

“By using these glasses, people with low vision will be able to read books, newspapers, bulletin boards, timetables and walk around outside,” said Mitsuru Sugawara, CEO of QD Laser, a Fujitsu spinoff based in Kawasaki that helped develop the glasses.

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