Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Projector Smartphone

This has been scraped this because the source isn't familiar.

There really isn't any way to know how much weight to give this report as the the source and the company the report is about are fairly unknown.

Would a projector on the BACK of the phone would fit any PicoP engine we've seen so far? Not sure here.

This report is here, and worth paying attention to because it's in the space. 

An early adopter from India wouldn't surprise anyone who is following the company closely.

New smartphone teaser, rumoured with holographic laser keyboard

Francis D'Sa | May 12, 2015, 18.05 pm IST
The smartphone company teased earlier about 3GB of RAM too
The smartphone company teased earlier about 3GB of RAM too
Wickedleak, the Indian smartphone company, which is struggling to make a difference in India by offering higher-end devices on lower costs, has just spilled out a new smartphone launch teaser. According to the image, the new smartphone seems to be having something different on the rear panel.
Just below the rear camera is a boxy window, which seems to be highlighted. The company was teasing earlier, on their social page, about a holographic laser keyboard. However, having a holographic laser keyboard would require the projection on the front of the device. With the weird window on the rear, below the camera, it could be a smartphone with a projector. So could it be a smartphone with a holographic rear projection display or a simple smartphone with a projector on the rear panel. Samsung had earlier hosted a similar projector-based smartphone, which was not easily welcomed by the consumer. Sony had also pitched the projector on a video camera, which again was not a success. Is Wickedleak trying something different to impress its fans?
Also some time earlier, the company had also spilled out about a smartphone having 3GB of RAM. This time again there is a ‘4’ in the teaser, which could also mean that it could have a larger battery life.
Recently, Wickedleak had launched their flagship smartphone with a mammoth battery for a 4-day run time. The Titan 4 was pitched for a long battery life along with offering a full HD display, 16 GB of RAM and a fingerprint sensor for a price tag of just Rs 14,999.
So what will the new Wammy smartphone sport? If it is true, the Wammy would take a plunge into the future of communication by implementing a holographic laser keyboard to make texting and email easier for the consumer. However, the specifications are presently up in the air and there is nothing concrete at this moment. 

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