Thursday, December 1, 2016

Apple and "Jobs Theory"

Interesting article about the way Apple thinks.... and an interesting way to look at Microvision... and what "jobs" people want done.

According to "Jobs Theory" Microvision seems to be in a very good position.

Microvision's Jobs: (The things Microvision can do.)
  • Display information to assist with other jobs 
  • Interact with information 
  • Share our pictures with others 
  • Share information with others 
  • Be entertained 
  • Be a touch-free interface with mobile devices
  • Provide proximity sensing for all manner of machines, vehicles, etc.
All mobile and small!

What is Jobs Theory?

In particular, he referenced a Harvard Business School term known as ‘jobs theory.’ This refers to jobs that people want to get done rather than Steve Jobs, but he says that Steve was very good at taking this approach.

Coined by Clay Christensen, the phrase essentially argues that Starbucks might think it’s in the business of selling coffee, but the job many of its customers want it to do is provide a meeting place for friends or a temporary office. Companies need to think not about products, but what jobs customers want to get done.

Tim Cook:
We have the strongest pipeline we’ve ever had and we’re very confident about what’s it, but we won’t talk about what’s in it. We have a strong sense of where things go and we’re very agile and able to shift where people need to.


We don’t know if Apple has figured out what the next jobs to be done are. But my sense in talking to them is they’ve at least identified the places they want to innovate — home automation; healthcare; and they don’t talk about it but I guess automotive; AR and VR which they do talk about, particularly augmented reality.

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