Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Self Driving Cars -- Sebastian Thrun

I was drawn to the article because of the person and the topic. 
If we accept this as true, people will adopt self-driving cars faster than we think. 
They're going to need 3D sensors... 
Q: What technical barriers remain?
A: When a human driver makes a mistake, he or she learns but nobody else learns. When a self-driving car makes a mistake, all the other cars learn from it as well as the unborn cars, future cars. The rate of progress is much faster.
The point has been reached when self-driving cars are safer than human driving. Look at Google: There are 300,000 miles between critical interventions when a human driver has to take over. That’s longer than the typical mean times between accidents for human drivers. The technology is there. What’s missing are business models.

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