Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Project Field

This is an interesting kind of use for AR, that would be (As Disney illustrated) very compatible with PicoProjection. 

They are apparently connecting this with Forward Works -- which is their mobile gaming platform.

The company is showing off dedicated smart pads that pair with a phone or tablet to bring card games to life. Imagine a game like Hearthstone, for instance, but with physical cards that you buy in store. Or the physical and digital versions of Pokémon Trading Card Game fused together.

When a user places a card on one of the pads, it's identified using an NFC-like wireless technology. The pad then sends the card's exact position to the phone or tablet using Bluetooth. Once the card is in the game, the pad is able to detect movement -- if you slide a card to another position, for example. The cards will be both readable and writable, meaning in-game status changes can be saved. Depending on the game, players will also be able to "grow" a character, with stats stored on the card.

Disney's Augmented Reality -- interacting with Cards

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