Friday, December 2, 2016

Interesting MotoMod News.

The 5G got me to pay attention, but there's more.

The Projector MotoMod is used 10 hours per week --- by 20% of Moto Z owners.

I expect the usage numbers to rise when they have a better projector

5G will be huge, because the time required to download content will decline to nearly zero. 

What's interesting about this is that there has to be some 5G infrastructure out there already or this wouldn't even be considered.... so it's out there somewhere.

If you haven't heard about 5G yet... Its potential is enormous. (So, when you think about mobile content -- or mobile computing -- like the Microsoft Surface phone being your PC in your pocket. 5G connectivity will make it possible and huge.)

5G Covered Here

PCMagazine  -- more at the source.

Motorola is stepping up the pace on its "mod" add-ons for the Moto Zline of phones, with e-ink displays, a baby monitor, and even a 5G modem being outside possibilities, John Touvannas, senior director of product management said at a press event today.

Half of Moto Z owners are using mods, with 20 percent of those using the costly projector and camera mods, Touvannas said. Motorola's research shows that mods are the top reason people are buying the phone. "It's the No. 1 driver by quite a bit," he said.

The mods aren't staying in drawers, either. Battery mods are used on average 37 hours a week, and the projector is used 10 hours a week, according to user data.

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