Thursday, December 15, 2016

Visited Celluon to See the PicoBit... Here it is

I visited Celluon yesterday. The PicoBit is awesome. Have pictures and comments. (and not a lot of time.)

This is the first of many similar devices, and they're only going to get better.

*** Shipping date is today, but I was told they're being shipped directly from Korea.

The PicoBit is much brighter. In a dark room it's not so apparent, (at least to me. perception is a funny thing.)  but in a brightly lit room, the difference I noticed is significant.

This is the PicoBit working in a room that is well lit with florescent office lights. In similar circumstances with the PicoPro you would probably end up looking at your phone.

It's VERY convenient for apps or movies to have the integrated unit. The big advantage is that the difficulty of connecting the unit to the phone (and the time it takes) is gone.

Below is the Application screen. The top of the PicoBit is all a touch pad.  (Move the cursor with one finger, tap to click, drag things with two fingers, etc.) 

The Android system in this was faster than the tablet they were using, and all the apps available on the PlayStore will work. 

That's the picture from the PicoBit on the left, and the PicoPro on the right. To my eye, there was not a lot of difference between the pictures (in the dark. much different in the light, and as you can see in the side by side pictures, the camera isn't lying. The picture in the dark for the PicoPro is fantastic.)

To the camera however (from my Sony phone) the pictures were actually showing a flare from the extra brightness of the PicoBit. (We also had open blinds on the left for a bit, which was skewing the pictures.)

Another sample showing the Flare. It does the PicoBit side an injustice, because the camera adjusted for the dark side of the frame, not the bright side of the frame -- which is how we usually want things.  To my eye, there wasn't a lot of difference between the pictures when in the dark -- the camera clearly could tell the difference.

Many want to stream from Apple devices. There is an Application there called AirPico which allows streaming from Apple devices -- it's not a true Apple Application, so streaming from Apple's own Applications doesn't work. Streaming from YouTube works fine, and as recent positive news about downloading content from Netflix works, there's a memory card slot on the PicoBit, so, you can keep a lot of content with you. 

Look at the second Icon from the left on the top row..

There is a fan opening on the bottom of the PicoBit. It is not as large as they showed on one of the pre-production units. 

The unit did get warm after 45 minutes of use, but not uncomfortably so, and we weren't worried about battery life for the time that we were using it either. There's a tripod mount on the bottom. 

I could only hear the fan when I held it right up to my ear. Its very quiet. 

The speakers on the unit, on the other hand were quite good. They have the same speakers as the PicoPro, but they must be putting more power to them. Loud enough to share your watching with others and not miss the show.

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