Thursday, December 29, 2016

Forbes Predictions for Media in 2017

PicoP isn't mentioned, but everything here bodes well for it.

Forbes -- More at the source.

Wireless providers like AT&T can now let their subscribers access their DirecTV live and DVR'ed content for free on their AT&T phones. With Time Warner content in the AT&T family, those subscribers will also be able to watch even more HBO, Turner or Warner Brothers content in the same way. Verizon (VZ) has tried to make its own play for content by snapping up sports rights like the NFL and NBA for their subscribers to stream. They're also building their GO90 video content service to entice subscribers. What will Sprint (S) or T-Mobile (TMUS) do in response? 


Expect more mega-media deals along the lines of an AT&T / Time Warner, as well as smaller Comcast-DreamWorks content stockpiling deals this year. If you've built the pipes to get customers, these companies will need to think of interesting stuff to show on those pipes to keep customers.


If mobile net neutrality or no data caps on certain content is going to become increasingly important, why wouldn't Comcast want to launch its own wireless service when it already owns the content? Expect more MVNOs (or mobile virtual network operators)


As this 8 year stock rally continues in the coming years, it wouldn't at all be unprecedented to see cash become an increasingly bigger component of new deals. Therefore, if the Trump Administration also allows companies to return offshore cash to the US to invest in more jobs and do more deals, this should act as a further stimulant to more deals.

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