Friday, December 30, 2016

Mixed and Augmented Reality at CES 2017

Not heading to CES this year.

I hope I'll be able to see the CES offerings of Microvision sometime shortly after CES.

From the linked report -- most of what we're really curious about doesn't look like it will be at CES - No Hololens, no MagicLeap. Osterhout's offering is apparently a significant improvement over last years, but reports said that it now has a significant weight issue. (It was heavy last year too.)

Vuzix should be very interesting -- it's a known customer of Microvision.

NextRealityNews  - More at the source

  • Microsoft - Probably no hardware event, but probably hardware partners
  • Occipital - Has a booth in AR Marketplace
  • Osterhout R9 Smartglasses -- Will make an appearance
  • Magic Leap -- not registered 
  • Vuzix -- Has a booth.. M300, Blade 3000 -- known to be a Microvision customer
  • Sony - Smart Eyeglasses (monochrome, not designed for consumer use)
  • Stereolab Lina -- Not on the vendor list

So Sony, Osterhout and Vuzix... 

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