Tuesday, August 16, 2016

From the Gainesville Sun

Today’s devices pack enough juice to get see you through to the credits. Many also are incorporating Miracast and AirPlay technology so you can stream directly from your mobile device via Wi-Fi, which means a totally untangled, cordless experience. Since so much of today’s content is streaming, there are no more optical discs or ripping DVDs to make your content digital, just log in to Netflix or Hulu. Essentially the cultural shift from the living room to mobile makes the idea of a small device that projects a large image on a wall or screen even more relevant.
Celluon PicoPro ($399) — At roughly the size and weight of a smartphone, this device not only can fit in your pants pocket but also in a shirt pocket. Instead of using a traditional bulb, the PicoPro uses a laser, which creates uniform brightness from edge to edge. One of the most important aspects of a projector is the lumens or strength of light that is emitted. The device is rated at a low 32 lumens but because of laser technology it's essentially perceived as closer to 60 lumens. It is also able to auto-focus. For Android users, you can easily connect wirelessly to the device with Miracast technology.

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