Friday, August 26, 2016

New Xperia coming at IFA

During a Sony presentation last fall, they highlighted new things they were working on, and some they weren't going to talk about. There was a reminder during that that they would present their own innovations "first." 

No guarantees here, but certainly more to watch.


Sony typically unveils new cameras, televisions and mobile gear at IFA each year, and this time we’re fairly certain something particularly noteworthy is coming in the latter category: a new flagship Xperia smartphone.

XperiaBlog unearthed benchmark details of a new Sony handset type codenamed F833X, with specs that sit very close to those of the current Xperia X Performance: Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB of RAM, 5.1in 1080p screen, 32GB of internal storage, 23MP rear-facing camera and 13MP front-facing camera.

While these are hardly bleeding edge tech specs, there’s likely to be something else, feature-wise, to differentiate this phone from the Xperia X Performance: something special on the build quality or camera front, perhaps? Then again, given that the X Performance never got a full UK launch, perhaps this is just Sony's way of making amends. Could this be an Xperia X2? Or something else? We’ll know more soon…


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