Thursday, August 18, 2016

T-Mobile Hates Data Plans, Loves Robohon - Target of Sprint / SoftBank & Son

This morning was a pretty interesting as one rather simple story morphed into a very interesting web.

T-Mobile is coming out with unlimited data and video for ALL of it's plans; and unlimited standard definition video, and unlimited high definition video for $25/month.

Okay, that's pretty cool -- and that can be significant for the adoption of PicoP. Limited

Then a little more digging and I learn something about T-Mobile. It's actually a European company that has coverage over much of Europe and all of the US. Based in Germany, it covers Germany, and 12 other countries in Europe.

Then, apparently Masayoshi Son, head of SoftBank -- recent acquirer of ARM Holdings, wants to buy T-Mobile to merge it together with Sprint that SoftBank already effectively owns.

It's background knowledge, but Legere had great praise for Robohon and wanted to offer it at T-Mobile.

And of course we know -- the more free video bandwidth for mobile devices - the better for PicoP adoption. (T-Mobile and Sprint, have unlimited plans, and Verizon is offering free Video streaming -- on it's own video delivery service.) This is all good news in the background - the ecosystem for mass adoption is in place.

John Legere on Twitter

T-Mobile on Wikipedia

SoftBank's Masayoshi Son Wants to Merge Sprint & T-Mobile
Phone Arena - Still wants a Merger between T-Mobile and Sprint

Bidding on Bandwidth Bloomberg

"There aren’t any current talks between Sprint and T-Mobile -- they’re actually forbidden. Opening bids for federal airwaves started this week in the FCC’s so-called incentive auction. TV broadcasters have agreed to hand over certain radio wave licenses to the agency, which in turn will offer the spectrum for sale to wireless carriers, including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Sprint isn’t participating. The spectrum could fetch as much as $86.4 billion. During the bidding, which could last until early next year if the auction doesn’t raise enough money in the early rounds, carriers are prohibited from any deal discussions. "

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