Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mobile carriers getting more into Media

These telecom companies are figuring out how to deliver media and advertising through mobile phones. They don't charge for data when you're viewing the media they distribute.

Advertisers will pay more for advertising that multiple people see at once than they will for one head bent over the screen of a smart phone.

So, when you present a short funny cat video to your four friends and you're all laughing together -- they pay more, more fun is had, more message is out.

I do not think it's an accident that they are working on this kind of media before PicoP is widely available.

Wall Street Journal ( Much more at the source)

The show, which plays online and on Verizon’s smartphone video app, is part of a more than $10 billion gamble by Verizon to build a digital-media business to compete with Facebook and Google for advertising dollars.


It is a radical move for a corporate giant long treated by investors as a utility with a safe dividend, and is a strategy that has previously stymied other players, including Yahoo itself. Even if it succeeds, it may have little impact “on the battleship that is Verizon,” said Craig Moffett, an analyst at MoffettNathanson.

Verizon isn’t alone among telecom carriers in trying to figure out a different form for the future. AT&T Inc. also had sought Yahoo, and last year AT&T spent $49 billion to acquire DirecTV and become the largest U.S. provider of pay television.

Mr. McAdam said the core of Verizon’s business will always be its wireless network and he isn’t expecting quick returns from the media investments, which are about 5% of capital spending. “It’s not a bet-the-company kind of play,” he said.

The executive has a history of making unorthodox moves. When he ran Verizon’s wireless unit, he joined with Google to develop what became the Android operating system for smartphones. That paid off, helping counter AT&T’s then-exclusive deal for the iPhone.

Last year, Mr. Piligian, whose Pilgrim Studios is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., and other producers figured they could revive the idea by using mobile technology to enable the chase and get viewers involved.

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