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Full Pu Optoelectronics, Mems micro laser projection

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Full Pu Optoelectronics push MEMS micro laser projection technology help students start

  [Global Smart August 8th correspondent reported heart month] afternoon, the whole Pu Optoelectronics help students start charity project launching ceremony held in Beijing. Global Network reporter learned from the meeting, the whole Pu Optoelectronics plans to launch "thousands of college students venture project," open the whole Cape experience stores in more than 2,000 cities and counties area, with its leading global MEMS micro laser technology patents, there are ten thousand to help outstanding students start to realize the idea of ​​the entrepreneurial dream.

In recent years, with the "public entrepreneurship and innovation," set off a wave, more and more students entrepreneurial enthusiasm. However, lack of social experience and entrepreneurial experience make them entrepreneurial enthusiasm has been seriously affected.

  Full Pu Optoelectronics is to see this situation, the students start to seize the point of pain, officially announced the launch of "thousands of college students social entrepreneurship projects." It is reported that in the coming years, the whole Pu Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will set up in each city and county thousands of full Pu shop experience, students start further boost innovation, improve the success rate of college students venture.

  It is understood that before the whole Pu Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was officially established, Wang Jijun on with his technical team, painstaking specializes 8 carrier, has finally achieved a major technological breakthrough in MEMS laser projection areas to make MEMS micro-laser technology to achieve qualitative leap. We have successfully developed a miniature MEMS laser projector, the world's first MEMS laser projection smart phones, laser keyboard, mouse, controller "triple play" flying squirrel and so the whole Cape optoelectronic products, with simple and convenient, clear picture quality projection optical path loss of small, low power consumption, good heat dissipation, etc., leading to similar products at home and abroad laser projection.

  As an emerging high-tech, MEMS micro-mechanical and micro IC integrated system, can significantly improve the intelligence apparatus, automation, intelligent features, efficiency and level of optical systems, computing systems. The whole Cape photoelectric independent research and development of MEMS core laser projection technology, a breakthrough to create a "big screen anytime, anywhere" as a new life experience.

  Just recently, the full launch of the new Cape Optoelectronics MEMS micro laser projection smart phones, set the phone features and functions as one projector, perfect interpretation of a private home theater viewing experience.

  The reporter has learned, as early as 2009, Wang Jijun team began the development of MEMS technology and the use of laser products. With the United States to cooperate Micro as the company Microvision, to further enhance and improve the system of MEMS laser display technology, it is highly competitive on the market today micro laser projection modules.

  Wang Jijun at the press conference said that the current all-Pu Optoelectronics launched a series of new products are based on advanced MEMS micro laser projection technology, DLP technology and the market widely used is different, DLP technology uses a light source is LED, and the whole Pu Optoelectronics choice is a laser light source. Due to the nature of the converging laser itself, namely whether the distance is one meter or two meters, the picture projected is clear, from near and far distances of influence, so no manual focus. Moreover, the laser light source is more durable than the LED.

  Given the many advantages of MEMS laser projection technology, as well as full-Pu Optoelectronics development and production of laser modules to MEMS-based flagship product variety by college students love, plus a "double hit" passion background business students a wave after wave, in order to further promote innovation and business students, full-Pu Optoelectronics plans to launch "thousands of college students venture project", namely: the creation of a full Cape experience stores in more than 2,000 cities and counties area, that "thousands of city and shops" .Entrepreneurial idea of ​​excellent students can apply for a free open through the whole Cape experience shop, shop decoration and experience, should be in accordance with unified whole Pu Optoelectronics requirements, product configuration, and after-sales service by the whole propaganda Pu Optoelectronics assist .

  For why should the introduction of such a "business students" project, the whole Pu Optoelectronics chairman Wang Jijun, admits: "As a high-tech enterprise, our team studied MEMS micro laser projection technology and products, back and forth for almost 10 years, we hope that through build this platform to help college students entrepreneurs, while addressing social problems of employment, to attract more young people concerned about the world's leading MEMS technology, join our entrepreneurial team, and we struggle together, and strive to make MEMS micro-laser technology better and more widely applied to other areas of science and technology, the realChina to create, China dream! "

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