Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just how easy for a new product to pop up...

Just in case you think it's far away and difficult..

Only a few people really know everything that's going on behind the scenes. I suspect strongly that even among close players, there are secrets. When something is a big deal, or a big possible deal there are a lot of non-disclosures. Shareholders don't like how that is playing out in the stock price -- and holding back the revenue stream makes it more difficult to run the company for sure.

However with IFA close -- the possibility we get a product announcement and connect with public imagination is growing stronger.

This prototype found its way to the ASM three years ago, and in my opinion, this or something similar could show up easily and at any time.

When asked at that meeting how difficult it was to incorporate the PicoP engine into the tablet, they reported it as being very easy. 

For those new to PicoP -- the scan lines & flicker you see in the videos is a camera artifact -- not visible when you're watching it in person.  You're seeing the brightness compared to a presentation projector. 

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