Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hololens Limited Field of View

This is a fantastic opportunity for Microvision. The Nomad has a much better field of view than anything out there now, but we've been hearing about the field of view problems, but haven't seen a demo of what it actually means until this article.

So, check out the pictures below -- what Microsoft advertises at the top, and what's really seen through their device (so far) in the image at the bottom.


After getting a Microsoft HoloLens in the offices, our first impressions are largely positive, but the headset's big Achilles' heel – the one that jumps out like a pimple to a teen before prom night – is its limited field of view. Since pictures tend to be worth a thousand words, we decided to save ourselves about 550 of them and mock up what HoloLens' field of view really looks like vs. the ludicrous expectations that Microsoft's marketing is putting out there.

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