Friday, August 12, 2016

Gizmag's 1st Day with Hololens

What Microvision's Nomad has that Hololens and ever other AR device I've tried doesn't have is a very large field of view. 
Microvision has a large patent portfolio in the area, and apparently still has the best display tech in the industry. 
Gizmag (Much more at the source)
The first time you use the Microsoft HoloLens, you might be severely disappointed. After months of anticipation, salivating over press shots and videos that make HoloLens look like it blends the virtual and real around you in all directions, you're likely to be in for a shock when you see just how narrow the headset's field of view is. It's sort of like you can only see the augmented part of the world through a window floating directly – and only directly – in front of you. Sure, the virtual objects and characters are "all around you," in that you see them when you turn your head to look straight at them, but move your head just the slightest bit in any direction, and they get cut off or vanish entirely.
But that disappointment is more about unrealistic expectations, spawned and perpetuated by Microsoft, than it is anything "wrong" with HoloLens. Once you accept that the field of view in today's model is nothing like what Redmond's marketing team is selling in images like the one below, then you can start to appreciate everything else that's right about this mesmerizing glimpse into the world of AR. And make no mistake: There's a lot that's right about it.

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