Thursday, August 18, 2016

Qualper Images & video

Found and posted on the Reddit Microvision Board.

I had some trouble getting the images, so follow the link. There is also a video that I am not able to transfer, so looking at the source is a good idea.

There will be demand for this!

About Qualper (Translated below by Google.)

Only plain and simple top technical content match

The world's top technology companies, if you want to discuss with our technology, maybe we can set up a time to find a quiet and dark house, in front of the projection screen from the beginning we have been talking to prehistoric times.

Right now we have a very urgent things to do, so that more technology partners know that we know our products, know that we have opened a giant screen life.

So to me, this small series shot entirely understand, to record a video. And colleagues chose my reason is very simple, because do not understand, in order to reflect the true.

So there is the following photos with video.

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