Friday, September 16, 2016

Augmented Reality Home Decor

I pulled the whole article, because it looks like a re-print of a complete press release. This is a natural fit for PicoP.

Yahoo News

There is a New Frontier to be Explored in Textiles!
NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Welspun (, a conglomerate that specializes in home textiles, is thrilled to announce that it has secured the "Interactive Textile Article and Augmented Reality System" patent, which protects Welspun's new product line TILT. The patent covers a system that has textile material with a design motif and an augmented reality software application. The software application is designed to allow a user to scan the design motif on the textile material, and enter an augmented reality portal that is thematically related to the design motif. 
TILT by Welspun is a new brand that focuses on seamlessly integrating technology into textiles. The first product, Spin Tales, is an interactive and innovative bed set and rug for kids aged three and up. With innovative technology, a free app designed for the duvet cover and rug allows the user to experience adventures in augmented reality and engage in interactive games. Spin Tales is the first of many smart home textile products that will be introduced under the TILT umbrella.
"There is a new frontier to be explored in textiles - one that delights, engages, animates and connects - and as a company with global reach, it is important for us to protect the skills and knowledge needed to launch this new frontier of products," said Dipali Goenka, CEO and Joint Managing Director, Welspun India Ltd. "This patent will push forth avenues to engage users while fostering a learning environment with innovative and futuristic textiles. Welspun is excited to introduce products, that when enabled by technology, immerse the user to the point where imagination is intertwined with interactive learning experiences."
"Spin Tales is the first line of products to be launched under the TILT umbrella and we are excited to introduce it to the public at The Toy Insider's Holiday of Play event on September 21, 2016," said Qaizar Hassonjee, SVP & Head, TILT by Welspun USA. "TILT is about creating immersive experiences for users with innovative and futuristic textiles that incorporate technology."
For more information on Welspun go to and for more information on TILT go to
About TILT by Welspun Group:TILT by Welspun is an innovative smart home textiles company that creates interactive experiences through seamless integration of smart technology with home textiles. TILT will be launching their product line, Spin Tales, the first ever interactive bedding for children with a focus on storytelling, user experience and AR technology. The Spin Tales classic duvet and pillow case set allow readers to join Little Red, Three Pigs and Jack from Magic Beans on their adventures, or join Milo and friends in the Spin Tales Jungle rug to explore and learn about life in the jungle, by using an app that brings characters alive in 3D images. Spin Tales creates a unique bonding experience for children and parents; it draws them into an immersive world of stories and fosters learning in an interactive environment that is truly magical and playground cool. This is the first in a series of smart home textiles products that TILT is creating.

Welspun  -- Also makes Steel & Pipes -- and they are from India.

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