Friday, September 30, 2016

Watching Soccer

So, here a projector that is really poor next to PicoP is regarded as mind-blowing.  More that no one really knows the tech exists, it's connected here to Verizon's Go90 service.

He's also alerting a lot of soccer(football) fans about it -- and that's a pretty huge market.

Pretty soon he'll see PicoP -- and be really blown away..

World Soccer Talk  (More at the source)

I had a chance to demo new technology recently that blew my mind.
Watching as much soccer as I do and I’m sure you do too, the rate that technology is changing our viewing experience is progressing at a slow and steady pace. Many of us are watching more soccer via legal streams than we used to. We’re also watching a wider array of leagues, teams and competitions as the sport becomes more accessible than it ever has. And for many of us, nowadays we’re watching our soccer games across a wider array of devices other than just the television.
So I was pleasantly surprised last week to stumble across a technology that I wasn’t aware even existed. I hadn’t seen or heard of it, but the idea is novel and could be something that soccer fans, like you, can use.
It’s the ability to snap a small projector on to your smartphone so you can beam soccer streams from your phone to your wall in your home, dorm, office or anywhere you want.

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