Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Qihan Robot -- Likely to feature Sony Module (1920*720)

1920*720 Resolution is the Sony Lezab laser projector module signature, and this cites that. Call this a Microvision installation. 

The more of these prototype installations the better. These won't be installations of ten million units in a popular portable consumer electronics product. But we will get there.


About 3:20 for projecton

Sanbot is stocked with sensors, and is big enough to accommodate any new ones Qihan might want to add down the road. That could include sensors to pick up temperature, altitude, or air pressure. It’ll definitely include cameras and sonar, which will be used for object recognition — mainly so Sanbot doesn’t crash into those objects (it’d work similar to how a Roomba or Neato Botvac works). But, Qihan says that with the help of machine learning and microphones, Sanbot will also be able to interact intelligently with people. That would involve listening to and responding to natural language, but Qihan says they’re also working on getting Sanbot to recognize and adapt to human facial expressions and the emotions they convey. Sanbot will also have Wi-Fi and ZigBee connectivity, so it could be an Alexa-like smart home hub, too — a must for any potential robot butler.

Sanbot’s face shows up on a 10.1″ 1080p touch display, which can become a regular, tablet-like interface when needed. Qihan also went full R2-D2 and added a 1920 x 720 projector, too. Meanwhile, a massive 20 Ah battery would allow Sanbot to go for four hours before needing to head back for a recharge.

Read more at http://www.chipchick.com/2016/09/qihan-sanbot-become-robot-butler.html#tDYpy0gHZYkO0qS0.99

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