Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nintendo NX -- more interesting language.

Those of you who follow this know that I've been watching Nintendo NX  for a long time. Much of the time the links about it end up on the digging page.

There's a lot of the language surrounding this upcoming device that makes me think it could possibly contain a projector - things particularly about it being a hybrid device and a "totally new way to play games." That it sticks to 720P resolution is very interesting as well.

So now this: The performance module for it is a portable device with its own power supply.

If you've been paying close enough attention -- you know that the MPCL1 -- Sony's stand-alone projector -- is actually a product of the former battery division of Sony. (Sony spun-off the battery division, but retained the projectors.) -- Look Here 

I'm not depending on Nintendo having us, but in the short term it is something I am watching closely. I think the odds are pretty decent. 

If you find this because you're looking for the Nintendo NX, Here is a link to the Sony MPCL1. 

Source -

According to a recent report, the Nintendo NX will be a handheld hybrid which will include three components.

A Foxconn employee - the company reportedly manufacturing the device - released a sketch of the device.

The first component is a “dock” that includes a cartridge slot, HDD and a TV output. The second component is a “performance module” that is a portable device that has its own power supply.

The third and final component is the handheld device itself, which comprises a 6 inch 720p screen and has a low-TDP SoC.

Another interesting article about Nintendo NX and Pokemon. 

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