Thursday, September 22, 2016

Surprised by MotoMod

I think this article deserves attention from everyone who follows MicroVision. 
He likes a new phone. He likes storage. (This phone can be upgraded --to hold 1000 hours of video!) But he doesn't know why he would use a projector on a phone.
This is a tech reporter -- and he doesn't know why he'd use a projector on a phone! 
So, this reporter is surprised when he likes the MotoMod projector.
We know how much better PicoP is than the projection engine they have in the MotoMod -- four times the resolution 80,0000:1 resolution vs 400:1, Brighter, focus free....
This reaction is a hurdle to overcome, but think that this guy's reaction will be to the Qualper phone. (Chris, Check this out: MicroVision Intro)

WTHI TV MotoMod Review  (More at the source)
....Last but not least was the sleeper hit for me. The projector.
I popped this open and thought wow..I have no idea what I would use this for. I go to meetings…but don’t need a projector. So i needed a real world use.
The first example of real world uses involved my six-month-old son, Alex. He has this show he loves on Baby First TV…you know, bright colors and the such. One day, I took him into our bedroom and pointed this guy at the ceiling. He LOVED it. Laying on our backs in bed, we were able to look straight up at the ceiling and see his show. That’s when I realized I loved this thing.
We like to have fun in our newsroom…using this projector also led to a couple random singing and dancing sessions as I put a music video up on the wall. It was really fun.
Now, one thing I need to note…it needs to be as dark as you can make it for this to look good. If you have even a little light, it will greatly reduce the quality of the picture.
This one was by far the most fun. Now, like the speaker…it’s bulky. This one is also pretty expensive. It will set you back $300. If you have the money to spend, check this one out. You’ll have a lot of fun with it!

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